Our Mission

Grand Slam Club Ovis European Chapter is an organization of hunters/conservationists dedicated to the improvement and perpetuation of wild sheep and goat populations and wild life conservation worldwide.

The purposes and objectives of Grand Slam Club Ovis European Chapter are to:

  • Continue to be the established documentation and records-keeping organization for legally-taken Grand Slams of North American wild mountain sheep, Ovis World Slams of wild sheep of the world, and Capra World Slams of wild goats of the world.

  • Encourage the use of legally issued permits, tags, and/or licenses for the hunting of wild mountain sheep and goats.

  • Inform and educate people of the world about wild mountain sheep and goats.

  • Use financial resources received from membership dues, donations, or fund-raising events to benefit, directly or indirectly, wild mountain sheep and goats by contributing these funds to/through established state, provincial, federal, or governmental game and wildlife agencies or other nonprofit wildlife conservation organizations.

Grand Slam Club Ovis European Chapter helps its members in drawing up all documents relative to Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam and Goat World Slam, the Hunt Reports and in publishing the hunting reports on the Grand Slam and Ovis magazines, which are delivered home quarterly.

Alpine Chamois

European Mouflon

Alpine Ibex